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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weight Loss That's Worked For YOU at Mid Life

Eliminating the Ground Hog Day affect of Diets

I will be 57 years old on Christmas Day,  I am determined to turn my life around for good when it comes to eating.  I am a emotional eater and a stress starver.  When I am emotional I eat.  When traumatic stress is in my life I starve involuntarily.  I have NEVER been consistent with healthy weight in all of my life.  I have lost weight on many different plans, WW's Trimclub, Atkins, Richard Simmons, Drugs, best successes included combining workout with eating something.  I say that because I lost the most weight when I was involuntarily not eating much due to lack of appetite combined with Powerwalking.  Actually there have been 4 major eating changes that have caused major weight loss for me in a short period of time.  They include:

1. Lack of Appetite and Powerwalking: When stress caused me to lost my appetite, and couldn't eat much, combined with Powerwalking.  I lost 65 pounds over 4 months.  It stayed off for 2.5 years.
2. Combination of Atkins and Trimclub with no workout, I lost 38 pounds in 5 weeks.  It stayed off until I quit smoking.
3. Earlier this year I started Training and Eating Clean.  I lost 15 pounds in 2 months.
4. Recently I did a Detox Juice Fast over 4 days and lost 11 pounds.

I am gearing up for my final and I mean final, change in lifestyle eating.  I want to lose the weight, train, and most of all keep it off by maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating for the rest of my life, no more yo yo dieting.

I know one thing for sure all that I do needs to be combined OR followed up by core training. I have never felt stronger or had more energy than when I trained with a trainer and concentrated on Core, Strength, and Cardio training.  I had a major takeaway for all that are in the second season of life:  Squats are key to upper leg strength which is key to being able to stand up from a sitting position as we age.  That I will never forget.  And it proved to be true in the short time I trained for my own strength.  Just amazing the difference squats make for leg strength.

Like a Ground Hog Day, that keeps repeating itself, I want to have a success that lasts throughout the rest of my life now.  No more YoYo Diets, No more Ground Hog Days.

How About You?
What do YOU find works best for YOU in your lifestyle eating habits to lose and maintain your weight and keep it off.  

Please comment and share your secret for all of us that struggle with this frustrating issue!

It's just Me, Val!  Ciao!

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