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Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Day one went so smooth.  I did my training, ate right, did my devotions and prayer, my blog, and worked.  Seems like the stress and struggle I felt I would face instead turned into a natural and comfortable path for me to move towards my goal.  Oh I'm sure there will be times when I fight it all the way but I have to be honest, it really just flowed yesterday, as if I did this everyday.

Up at 6 am and training by 6:30.  I am watching some faith based programming to accompany it and as God would have it, He is speaking right to my goals and desires through the programming.  I am always amazed when this happens and have to keep myself from kicking 'me' because I 'know' this is how He works and sometimes I stray from it and think I have to make it all happen.  NO!  It's God who gives us the hope, strength and makes the impossible, possible.  (All things, all things, all things possible)

Today's programming that I watched was on "letting go, stepping out, and getting a vision".  I loved every moment.  Time flew by and before I knew it it was time to cool down. 

In the program I chose to watch, they used the story found in Genesis 13 of Abram and Sarah to show how God gives us a vision and direction.  They had a dream, desiring a child (a descendant) but way way too old according to the world to conceive and give birth, he being 100 and Sarah being in her 90's, yet God calls Abram, to come out of his tent and look up, look all around, see what can be yours and your descendants, I will give you everything you see.  God gives him a vision and against all the world's odds, they give birth to a son Issac.  Hebrews 11:11 says that 'by faith Sarah gave birth to a child.'

So I was reminded that God gives us a vision if will just look beyond our circumstances in faith and trust Him to do what He does best.  He can do the impossible and I am trusting Him to do that in my life.

My day began following that,  at 7:45  with hope and more clarity to see my vision and gain the direction I need to move into it successfully.

I want to take advantage of everything this journey's path holds and offers me.  I'm working on my healthy lifestyle change and in the process, unveiling a vision for my life.  This vision is the,  where - I can go,  what -  it will look like, how -  I will get there, and who -  I can help along the way is awesome and stunningly grabbing my attention and feeding a passion I have.  

I have so many dreams and for a dream to come true you need a vision and plan and then you need to follow it.  Uncovering this first phase, I'm finding it fun and interesting to follow.  In the meantime I'm gaining clarity along the way for the next phase to truly seeing my dream come true.  Each day I plan, I gain more of God's direction for my life.  Right now I am reminded of the 'how to's,  and those include quieting my mind to listen in order to be directed.

God has a plan for me and while some may think I'm nuts,  I won't be moved by what anyone thinks, because not everyone will understand this, I get that.  This is MY 'All About Me' time and I am choosing to look out and up to see what God's plan for my life is and journal it in this blog.  LOOK OUT WORLD, I HAVE A DREAM...

It's just Val, Caio!

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