Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend has given me: Food for thought, A new leaf to turnover, and Sky is the limit opportunities, It's time to make my Dreams Come True.


It's been 4 weeks since I ended my 4 day juice fast and detox. At the end of that detox phase, I celebrated the fact that I stuck to it and made it happen.  I really didn't have a goal past that for myself.  Well I did commit to a goal at the gym for the last quarter of 2010, but I realize I wasn't in the right mindset to be passionate about it.  It was so obvious that even Gabe, our trainer, knew I wasn't committed.  At my last training session he slid down on the mat while I was streching and said  "So Val, what's it gonna take to get serious *or something similar*"  I was moved by the reality that I had truly been wasting my time and his over the last few weeks.  Shortly after that reality hit me, I missed a day of training and finally showed up and suspended training all together due to accepting that major stress levels in various aspects of my life were skewing my focus on ME, and I felt the best choice was to take a break from training until resolution was reached in those areas.  

Don't we always think...
"Oh I'll keep up the training, I can do this, I just need a break"  Well not always as easy to execute.

My stress levels and the decision I made to deal with them, have resulted in the return of bad eating habits, less working out, and a stalemate in positive forward movement towards any resolution. 

When stress bears it's ugly face at me I immediately go into paralysis mode on everything other than the area that is causing stress.  I focus and work to resolve, relieve, or in other words, bring closure to the area that is pressing on me.  I live in the moment of stress completely,  I combine working through it with prayer, and dealing with the reality of it.  Truth is, without letting go and realizing I can't control this on my own, it is an exercise in futility for me.  

While 'stress' is not healthy, this mode I go into seems to give me this false confidence in thinking that I am doing my best to gain control and resolve in the most expeditious manner possible.  It truly is a form of worry, even though I am praying through it.  It's an unhealthy level of worry and stress. Biblically I know we are told not to worry, and look at me!

In the end, does worrying change anything?  No but tell my heart that!

An interesting part of this journey for me is that the adventure down this new highway in my life also takes my thoughts and converts them into holigrams in my mind.  Those holigram thoughts continue to validate that I want to keep going down the highway that will take me to where I can be the best ME there is.  I call it the "It's All about Me" journey of health.  

This crossroad I am at today comes with Choicepoints!  
Choices - Choices, it's so hard, can't the choice just be easy?

Choicepoints in life are good if we take on a healthy approach at making the right choice of course.  

I am on the brink of a choicepoint...
Turning over a new leaf must come with passion, honesty, and focus, a truly "All about Me" choice that compliments the journey down this new life highway. In order to get to the point of making a choice I have to consider this:  I am paralyzed in stress, do I want to stay here,  OR do I choose to face the reality that this may not be the healthiest path for me.  I naturally go into my self analysis mode in considering how successful I've been at my current approach.  I'm reminded of something a friend  of ours shares at moments like this.  His question resonates deep within me right about now, it goes something like this...

"How's that workin for ya, Val?"   
And I must fess up: (considering where I'm at), 

MY Choicepoints

The choices I have are clear...
Continue down this Highway to Hell, and let stress rule my life, debilitating me, which it is already in certain ways.
Choose to turn over a new leaf, flip a switch, refocus, and fight back?

I actually preach "just flip a switch" to my own family at times like this, so this is my moment to prove it works, right?

Flipping a switch is obviously best done, (for me), by first, trusting that God's path as my life's highway is a better choice, and believe that all will work out for the best, that there is a greater purpose and it will result in something far greater than I could ever make happen on my own, or imagine.  Speaking of trusting God, trusting Him is biblical wisdom, no? 

Romans 8:28 tells me that all things work together for good to those who love God, who; or that in all things God works together with those who love him to bring about what is good...(I am not always good with this verse btw :)


“There are times that we need to sit back and stop trying to be in control. It can be a futile, frustrating battle. Inner peace comes when we accept that it is God who is in control and understand that the... best course of action for us to take is to just relax and go with His flow.” (someone said this, but I can't remember who)

"Be True to Your Heart And Your Dreams Will Come True
Stay true to all your beliefs and goals. 
Stand tall..Through all life's setbacks and disappointments, 
and your dreams will come true."

(To Debra's poem below, I would only add that my faith is huge in achieving my goals and dreams. I have a Father who cares more than anyone can, it's HE that is with me every step of the way: I have claimed Jeremiah 29:11 as my verse!)  BUT, we do have make the choice, and in doing so we set our destiny in motion...

~ Debra Ruegg-Jenkins ~  
"When no one else is with you,
and no one seems to care,
just whisper to yourself,
"I am the controller of my destiny.
It's up to me what comes to pass,
and if I keep my thoughts positive and strong.
my dreams will come true."

When what seems to be impossible obstacles
stand in your way, just think of all the times
you got through yesterday.
There is a place for you in this world.
Stay on your chosen path.
All the power is within you;
be true to what is in your heart.
Be honest within yourself;
if you are, then you cannot fail.  Your dreams will come true."

And My Choice Is?...
Turn over a new leaf!  I choose to get back on course.  Let go of stress and trust that all will work out the way it's meant to and I can do nothing better than to get back on God's path by taking care of ME.  I am ready to move forward and continue on this Ride down Life's Highway.  I know this is my time, I feel it and I will only succeed!

So it's time to regroup, set goals, dream it, write it, commit to it, believe in it, work at it, and achieve it!
My turning over a new leaf moment, starts today, juice fasting this week, combined with reasonable workouts, and return to clean eating and training following that, I am in 'sky is the limit' mode and my choice is to take the path to accept nothing less. 

In my life I have had many dreams, several of them have come true. 
Now it's time for the rest of the dreams to come true!  The Sky is the Limit!!!  

Watch out world, I have a DREAM! 

A Chritmas Leaves When Dreams Come True 
by William S. Phillips

 It's just me, Val!  Ciao

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