Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"All About Me" Day 4

Up at 6, in training by 6:30 on the nose
Wow I can't believe I'm in my 4th day and still going strong.
1200+ calorie burn for the first week.
Now, that is something to shout about!
I did this in two days with Core Training BUT 
I haven't done this in a long time with in home training at all.  
So you bet I'm proud!


I believe that the old stand by sound advice to come expectantly is correct advice and I am claiming that for today as a matter of my faith.  If we don't come expectantly we will never receive what it is we need for that moment.  With this in mind, I believe it is no mistake that I belong in our exercise room at 6:30 am each morning and that what I am about to hear is a message that has bearing on my needs at the moment.  I come expecting and I receive, IT NEVER FAILS!  I just love that about having faith.

So it doesn't surprise me at all that both programs I am listening to while I am training are dealing with Dreams, Goals, Vision and Growth.  Not only both programs but also the commercials.  Talk about being "hit between the eyes" with a message. 

So when watching 'faith based' programming, you can always count on a plug for a book, or something at the end of the program with a 'bonus gift', kind of the same as an infomercial.  So today's bonus gift were motivational quotes from scripture to help you through your toughest of times.  All on one card.  The card today was on ATTITUDE. 

I'm reflecting on my revelation from yesterday of this 'All About Me' moment NOT just about selfishly taking time out for ME, but also it's about looking within myself to see what needs to change in ME to make it to my next goal, a cleansing so to speak in order to be the best I can be.

So here comes this plug for the series on "reaching your goals" and your ATTITUDE being so important in moving forward.  So I listen and then look up above the TV thinking, and all of the sudden I focus on the picture right above the TV in that room.  Can you guess what it was?  Yep you got it, we have motivational pictures on all the walls in our exercise room and the one right above the TV?  ATTITUDE!  Wow, God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes He makes sure you get it!

So today I am concentrating on my ATTITUDE in everything I do.  This is when the enemy will come to steal my ATTITUDE back and try to make me grumpy, which will cause others to get frustrated with my responses, and then start a cycle of stress that leads to what else?  You got it, Comfort Food!  I am so happy to have a handle on this at the beginning of my day so I can keep my eye on the mark and today's mark is my ATTITUDE.

OK not much more to add to today, I just keep believing and receiving His Grace for the moment I'm in.  His Grace Is Sufficient.

It's Just Val, Caio!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long: "ALL ABOUT ME" DAY 3

Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long: "ALL ABOUT ME" DAY 3: "HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY... Day 2 ended with some stress that was put on myself but as I do out of habit, I fell off and had a comfort snack..."


Day 2 ended with some stress that was put on myself but as I do out of habit, I fell off and had a comfort snack and beverage moment last evening before crashing for the night.  Not terrible but broke my stride after just 48 hours on board.  So, get back on the horse, go another day and learn how to manage that stress, or guilt, or whatever takes you to that 'edge' and causes you to have a 'hiccup' in your progress.  It's not the end of the world, it's more a 'wake up' call that there are 'hiccups' in life that make you respond a certain way.  For me it is retreating to my 'comfort zone' and  while I know full well that is what I do in 'hiccups' I am going to have to experience it to overcome it, so I did and now I will find another way to manage that.  

I must say that as it was happening, I had a moment where my mind said "Val, go do the tredmill with some water"  And believe it or not, I really was motivated to do it for a moment too, but quickly talked myself out of it.  That is a hopeful sign for me, because now the next time this happens I know to move on the thought going through my head first, 'go do the tredmill'.  I'll be ready!

That to me is PROGRESS!

Day 3
Up at 6:15, training at 6:30 on the nose.  
Turned on my program and really got a "Pie in the Face" Revelation.  WOW!  But GREAT!
I am dealing with a scratchy throat today, stuffy head, and muscle aches but I am going to keep my 'sunnyside up' and move into my day with the faith that this too shall pass and I can make it through this day.

Today is Nov and Dec BDay Lunch with Consultants and I'm looking forward to that.  We're meeting at an Organic Mediterranean Restaurant called Nirvana's.  Awesome menu and a healthy lunch for sure.

Burned 315 calories this morning by the way and that brings my current calorie burn for the week to 945 calories with 3 more days to go.  While my core training burns this much in one hour, I am moving forward with progressive weight loss through home training, and then at a point where I am comfortable with the weight loss I have accomplished this way I will head back to Gabe to get to the Core of things once again.  I'm figuring likely January timeframe, giving me 5 weeks to do the first phase at home.  Gabe by the way is our trainer.  If anyone is interested in what he does and can do check out, his own business located in Addison, Illinois.  (There you go Gabe, if you're reading a plug for you!)  I'm looking forward to getting back to him for that training, it's very hard but results oriented making you look your very best in a short time.


So I'm training this morning and all of the sudden I hear on TV that we need to be prepared for God to work within us, before we reach our purpose, goals, and dreams!  Yes we need the vision, but guess what?  We may not be positioned to carry it out if we have junk inside of us.  For instance:  Using a habit of Comparing Yourself to others as a measure of your goodness, worthiness or trust worthiness...

They used the example found in John 21 where Peter is asked 3 times if he loves the Lord and Peter says, "Of course I do Lord, I love you more than anyone..."  Basically Peter is saying without saying "I'm better than other's"   Like noone could love the Lord more than he, can.  In a way he is drawing comparisons between he and the other disciples here.

I soon realized that I do that as well.  I draw comparisons, and reason out why I am different based on those comparisons all the time!  

Holy Schmoley...who knew?
So while I thought this "All About Me" moment might be a selfish moment, my revelation today is that it is a cleansing time for me to look at what I am all about, my motives, desires, and clean the junk out of me to truly be the best I can be, moving into a more humble spirit that is ready to move forward with a purpose!!!  I love it!

Just like the 'TREE' so are 'WE'  OR rather am "I"
The trees are full of beautiful foilage in summer which in fall lose all that beauty...outside beauty, that is made stronger for the next season with sap that is running through it when all we see are a bunch of branches.  In Spring once again the beauty, more full and lush returns ready to shade us and comfort us and remind us that God does take care of his creation.  So goes it with me.  I am in that 'sap' season and am being fed to be the best I can be.  These are the silent times when God gets to work on me so I can be what it is I need to be to make my dreams come true and give the glory back to Him!

Look out world...I have a dream!!!

It' just Val, Caio!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Day one went so smooth.  I did my training, ate right, did my devotions and prayer, my blog, and worked.  Seems like the stress and struggle I felt I would face instead turned into a natural and comfortable path for me to move towards my goal.  Oh I'm sure there will be times when I fight it all the way but I have to be honest, it really just flowed yesterday, as if I did this everyday.

Up at 6 am and training by 6:30.  I am watching some faith based programming to accompany it and as God would have it, He is speaking right to my goals and desires through the programming.  I am always amazed when this happens and have to keep myself from kicking 'me' because I 'know' this is how He works and sometimes I stray from it and think I have to make it all happen.  NO!  It's God who gives us the hope, strength and makes the impossible, possible.  (All things, all things, all things possible)

Today's programming that I watched was on "letting go, stepping out, and getting a vision".  I loved every moment.  Time flew by and before I knew it it was time to cool down. 

In the program I chose to watch, they used the story found in Genesis 13 of Abram and Sarah to show how God gives us a vision and direction.  They had a dream, desiring a child (a descendant) but way way too old according to the world to conceive and give birth, he being 100 and Sarah being in her 90's, yet God calls Abram, to come out of his tent and look up, look all around, see what can be yours and your descendants, I will give you everything you see.  God gives him a vision and against all the world's odds, they give birth to a son Issac.  Hebrews 11:11 says that 'by faith Sarah gave birth to a child.'

So I was reminded that God gives us a vision if will just look beyond our circumstances in faith and trust Him to do what He does best.  He can do the impossible and I am trusting Him to do that in my life.

My day began following that,  at 7:45  with hope and more clarity to see my vision and gain the direction I need to move into it successfully.

I want to take advantage of everything this journey's path holds and offers me.  I'm working on my healthy lifestyle change and in the process, unveiling a vision for my life.  This vision is the,  where - I can go,  what -  it will look like, how -  I will get there, and who -  I can help along the way is awesome and stunningly grabbing my attention and feeding a passion I have.  

I have so many dreams and for a dream to come true you need a vision and plan and then you need to follow it.  Uncovering this first phase, I'm finding it fun and interesting to follow.  In the meantime I'm gaining clarity along the way for the next phase to truly seeing my dream come true.  Each day I plan, I gain more of God's direction for my life.  Right now I am reminded of the 'how to's,  and those include quieting my mind to listen in order to be directed.

God has a plan for me and while some may think I'm nuts,  I won't be moved by what anyone thinks, because not everyone will understand this, I get that.  This is MY 'All About Me' time and I am choosing to look out and up to see what God's plan for my life is and journal it in this blog.  LOOK OUT WORLD, I HAVE A DREAM...

It's just Val, Caio!

Monday, December 6, 2010

"All About Me" Day 1

Write Your Dream and Plan Down
  • Communicate
  • Commit
  • Believe!
It's time.  I am flipping the switch today and taking care of me.  I am at a chapter in my life where my goals, dreams, and desires will only come true, IF,  I take the time out now to take this step.  'All about Me' may sound selfish and hypocritical to what I believe but when you are a people pleasing approval seeker, as I am,  it is the very opposite of selfish and hypocritical, and the first step to a new healthier ME.

Today I am taking the 4 steps to moving forward:

1. Write my dream down and a plan:  Proverbs 29 says 'with a plan you can accomplish your goals' (paraphrased) my way.
2.Communicate: Let my family and friends know I am taking this time for me and it is necessary to be the best I can be.  I will ask for their support, not for their management over my plan but for their cheering me on to victory with their love, support and encouragement.
3. Commit: Psalm 35 says 'commit your way unto the Lord, trust in Him and He will do this
4. Believe: Start looking at my dream and goal believing how reachable it is.  Believe for what isn't as if it is RIGHT NOW and I will reach it!
5. Begin...

My Dream and Plan

My dream is to be the best I can be in this life and to carry out a purpose that is MY purpose in this life.  I am a person of great faith, I love the Lord there is no doubt that He has a purpose for me to carry out.  His purpose for me is to give back.  I can only give back if I have something to give.  Therefore my plan is to move myself into position to give back.  This will take a Personal dream and plan first, so that is where I'll start.

Personal: To get in the best physical and mental shape I can be in without being obsessive and keeping it naturally part of my everyday life.  Today is 6 months until Bob and my 13 year anniversary.  I plan on reaching my physical goal on that day, celebrate with a trip and vacation, having business in a  position that can be managed so we can get away.

  • Training: 6 days a week  (weigh in monthly: June 6th is my target) * my weight goal is private
  • Eating: Normal foods and managing my portions (bad carbs and sugar will be eliminated)
  • Devotion and Prayer: 7 days a week 
  • Take a day out for Me every other week to do things like hair, nails, etc 
  • Buy one thing for me a month
  • Give something to someone in need once a week 
  • Date night with my husband once a week
  • Girls Nite Out once a month

A letter to my Family and Friends

To My Family And Friends:

I am taking this moment that I am calling my  "All About Me" moment to make some healthy lifestyle changes for Me.  Please understand that in order for me to be the best I can be I must do this.  It will be good for everyone.  Please forgive me if there are times over the next several months that it seems I'm not always meeting your needs.  Please believe in me and for me to succeed at my plan and goals.  Thank you for loving me enough to understand, appreciate and support me during this time by being my biggest cheerleaders, walking beside me, not trying to lead, control or manage my plan.  Thank you for letting me do this and being here for me through it.  I love you all very much and really need your support now.  Thank you!


Today, December 6, 2010 is the beginning of the next season of life for me.  It starts with a healthy lifestyle change.  I commit to see my dream come true and follow through on my plan that I have layed out here today.  I will do this daily, weekly and monthly from now through June 6, 2010 and will continue to be accountable in this blog sharing the good and bad to be an encouragement along the way to myself and others.


I am ready, willing and certainly able to exercise my faith in both the Lord and myself,  and follow through.  I will not let the world and any negative comments or otherwise sad remarks sway me away from  believing that I am meant to be anything less than the best I can be in my personal life and business.  I will succeed 110% at achieving what I use my faith to put into action!  


Look Out World, I have a Dream!!!

It's Just Val, Caio!

Sunday, December 5, 2010



How many of us wallow away in 'when is it my time' mentalities helping everyone else but yourself?

You're the type of person that puts everyone's needs before your own, likely you are truly wanting to make everyone happy, but also it is somehow either filling a void you have, or somehow making you think you'll be more loved, accepted, or even remembered when you're gone for what you do. While that's a good trait, you have to take care of YOU too, and sometimes that means for awhile it's 
"All About You!"

Life is so precious, and moves so fast, IT'S YOUR TURN, Your ALL ABOUT YOU time to enjoy it!

Don't feel guilty.  In the end, on the other side, you will come out a Winner and everyone will love seeing you Happy, Content, and still plenty to give others too.

Stop the Insanity of thinking it's only "what can I do for others"  and remember to take of YOU so there is a YOU to take care of others.  Everyone will get used to the new you, they will understand, just do it!  For once, let others support and cheer for you, it's OK.  This is your time, go for it. Make the decision today to live life to it's fullest starting by taking care of YOU! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weight Loss That's Worked For YOU at Mid Life

Eliminating the Ground Hog Day affect of Diets

I will be 57 years old on Christmas Day,  I am determined to turn my life around for good when it comes to eating.  I am a emotional eater and a stress starver.  When I am emotional I eat.  When traumatic stress is in my life I starve involuntarily.  I have NEVER been consistent with healthy weight in all of my life.  I have lost weight on many different plans, WW's Trimclub, Atkins, Richard Simmons, Drugs, best successes included combining workout with eating something.  I say that because I lost the most weight when I was involuntarily not eating much due to lack of appetite combined with Powerwalking.  Actually there have been 4 major eating changes that have caused major weight loss for me in a short period of time.  They include:

1. Lack of Appetite and Powerwalking: When stress caused me to lost my appetite, and couldn't eat much, combined with Powerwalking.  I lost 65 pounds over 4 months.  It stayed off for 2.5 years.
2. Combination of Atkins and Trimclub with no workout, I lost 38 pounds in 5 weeks.  It stayed off until I quit smoking.
3. Earlier this year I started Training and Eating Clean.  I lost 15 pounds in 2 months.
4. Recently I did a Detox Juice Fast over 4 days and lost 11 pounds.

I am gearing up for my final and I mean final, change in lifestyle eating.  I want to lose the weight, train, and most of all keep it off by maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating for the rest of my life, no more yo yo dieting.

I know one thing for sure all that I do needs to be combined OR followed up by core training. I have never felt stronger or had more energy than when I trained with a trainer and concentrated on Core, Strength, and Cardio training.  I had a major takeaway for all that are in the second season of life:  Squats are key to upper leg strength which is key to being able to stand up from a sitting position as we age.  That I will never forget.  And it proved to be true in the short time I trained for my own strength.  Just amazing the difference squats make for leg strength.

Like a Ground Hog Day, that keeps repeating itself, I want to have a success that lasts throughout the rest of my life now.  No more YoYo Diets, No more Ground Hog Days.

How About You?
What do YOU find works best for YOU in your lifestyle eating habits to lose and maintain your weight and keep it off.  

Please comment and share your secret for all of us that struggle with this frustrating issue!

It's just Me, Val!  Ciao!