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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Day 2 ended with some stress that was put on myself but as I do out of habit, I fell off and had a comfort snack and beverage moment last evening before crashing for the night.  Not terrible but broke my stride after just 48 hours on board.  So, get back on the horse, go another day and learn how to manage that stress, or guilt, or whatever takes you to that 'edge' and causes you to have a 'hiccup' in your progress.  It's not the end of the world, it's more a 'wake up' call that there are 'hiccups' in life that make you respond a certain way.  For me it is retreating to my 'comfort zone' and  while I know full well that is what I do in 'hiccups' I am going to have to experience it to overcome it, so I did and now I will find another way to manage that.  

I must say that as it was happening, I had a moment where my mind said "Val, go do the tredmill with some water"  And believe it or not, I really was motivated to do it for a moment too, but quickly talked myself out of it.  That is a hopeful sign for me, because now the next time this happens I know to move on the thought going through my head first, 'go do the tredmill'.  I'll be ready!

That to me is PROGRESS!

Day 3
Up at 6:15, training at 6:30 on the nose.  
Turned on my program and really got a "Pie in the Face" Revelation.  WOW!  But GREAT!
I am dealing with a scratchy throat today, stuffy head, and muscle aches but I am going to keep my 'sunnyside up' and move into my day with the faith that this too shall pass and I can make it through this day.

Today is Nov and Dec BDay Lunch with Consultants and I'm looking forward to that.  We're meeting at an Organic Mediterranean Restaurant called Nirvana's.  Awesome menu and a healthy lunch for sure.

Burned 315 calories this morning by the way and that brings my current calorie burn for the week to 945 calories with 3 more days to go.  While my core training burns this much in one hour, I am moving forward with progressive weight loss through home training, and then at a point where I am comfortable with the weight loss I have accomplished this way I will head back to Gabe to get to the Core of things once again.  I'm figuring likely January timeframe, giving me 5 weeks to do the first phase at home.  Gabe by the way is our trainer.  If anyone is interested in what he does and can do check out, his own business located in Addison, Illinois.  (There you go Gabe, if you're reading a plug for you!)  I'm looking forward to getting back to him for that training, it's very hard but results oriented making you look your very best in a short time.


So I'm training this morning and all of the sudden I hear on TV that we need to be prepared for God to work within us, before we reach our purpose, goals, and dreams!  Yes we need the vision, but guess what?  We may not be positioned to carry it out if we have junk inside of us.  For instance:  Using a habit of Comparing Yourself to others as a measure of your goodness, worthiness or trust worthiness...

They used the example found in John 21 where Peter is asked 3 times if he loves the Lord and Peter says, "Of course I do Lord, I love you more than anyone..."  Basically Peter is saying without saying "I'm better than other's"   Like noone could love the Lord more than he, can.  In a way he is drawing comparisons between he and the other disciples here.

I soon realized that I do that as well.  I draw comparisons, and reason out why I am different based on those comparisons all the time!  

Holy Schmoley...who knew?
So while I thought this "All About Me" moment might be a selfish moment, my revelation today is that it is a cleansing time for me to look at what I am all about, my motives, desires, and clean the junk out of me to truly be the best I can be, moving into a more humble spirit that is ready to move forward with a purpose!!!  I love it!

Just like the 'TREE' so are 'WE'  OR rather am "I"
The trees are full of beautiful foilage in summer which in fall lose all that beauty...outside beauty, that is made stronger for the next season with sap that is running through it when all we see are a bunch of branches.  In Spring once again the beauty, more full and lush returns ready to shade us and comfort us and remind us that God does take care of his creation.  So goes it with me.  I am in that 'sap' season and am being fed to be the best I can be.  These are the silent times when God gets to work on me so I can be what it is I need to be to make my dreams come true and give the glory back to Him!

Look out world...I have a dream!!!

It' just Val, Caio!

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