Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long

Sunday, December 5, 2010



How many of us wallow away in 'when is it my time' mentalities helping everyone else but yourself?

You're the type of person that puts everyone's needs before your own, likely you are truly wanting to make everyone happy, but also it is somehow either filling a void you have, or somehow making you think you'll be more loved, accepted, or even remembered when you're gone for what you do. While that's a good trait, you have to take care of YOU too, and sometimes that means for awhile it's 
"All About You!"

Life is so precious, and moves so fast, IT'S YOUR TURN, Your ALL ABOUT YOU time to enjoy it!

Don't feel guilty.  In the end, on the other side, you will come out a Winner and everyone will love seeing you Happy, Content, and still plenty to give others too.

Stop the Insanity of thinking it's only "what can I do for others"  and remember to take of YOU so there is a YOU to take care of others.  Everyone will get used to the new you, they will understand, just do it!  For once, let others support and cheer for you, it's OK.  This is your time, go for it. Make the decision today to live life to it's fullest starting by taking care of YOU! 

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