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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Integrity!!! Nancy Grace and Casey Anthony


Is Casey Anthony a murderer? 
I am not God, I don't honestly know but 'I do' know that the jury, according to our process, declared her innocent.  And it's over!  Never can be revisited, Double Jeopardy is what makes that factual!

Freedom of Speech and Nancy Grace
Our Constitution seems to be the justification and constant reminder of Grace's right to this platform of hers and use of it for a soapbox.  It's one thing to promote freedom of speech (including opinions) and quite another to make a parrallel between our constitutional right to freedom of speech and Grace's rendering her opinion in such a way that it is absolute.  Last I knew Nancy was as human as you and I.

The Public Is Screaming!
Do Not Buy Anything that Promotes $'s for Anthony!!!  "We will protest any firm that promotes her book, movie, interview"

Really?  Yet you defend Grace's rights?  Grace who is exploiting this story and the lives of the Anthony's with drama, blood and guts, and milking it for all the network can make with it, AND they are making Big Bucks!!!  Her tears turn on, on queue.  She sucks you in to her game with her drama and damnation.  She cuts off and extinguishes any guest that stands up for what is right, in order to keep her audience tuned in by driving more of her opinion, the truth according to Nancy, and she milks exploiting innocent parties for all she can get to drive up her ratings.

P-L-E-A-S-E Get a Grip!
People,  Stop the Insanity! Don't be fooled! You're making Nancy Grace and the HLN cable network very rich by allowing yourselves to be sucked into this repetitious exploiting of this family and story.  Enough is enough, it's over!  I see Grace's continued belaboring and milking of this story as fuel for the Crazies looking for the kill, and all of you who are hooked on the drama and madness are feeding it!  Yes, there are real crazies out their that have a mob-linching mentality and would love to get their hands on those responsible for the verdict, from the jury, to the attorneys to Anthony herself.  How can you contribute to all of this by continually watching when you know in all honesty that it is feeding the crazed people out there?  Think!!!  You fueling the crazies, your driving her ratings up, in turn making HLN and Grace richer and richer.  AND I don't hear anyone complaining about Grace making Millions off of exploiting innocent lives, those lives; The Anthony's, The Mason's, The Baez's etc...

I challenge each of you to get past the addiction, and stop the insanity now...recognize how this insults your intelligence no matter what you believe while the same people insulting your intelligence are making big $'s for you being sucked into it.

What an sad state of our lives to realize we have nothing better than to be overdosed and addicted on Casey Anthony, Nancy Grace and HLN?

Integrity and Respect for Lives? Priceless!!!

It's Just Me, Val  Ciao!


  1. Spot one mate i wholly support your views this grace girl is cashing on and getting rich via casey anthony case.

  2. Deven, it's so true and I don't understand why the viewers don't get's like the end of the Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie when Matthew Broderick looks in the camera and say's "It's over, Go Home!!!" She is getting RICH off of this viewership and it's sinful! Thanks for you post!