Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Val's Bucket List

  1.  Size 10 -12
  2. Vacation in Italy
  3. Pool in backyard
  4. Retire
  5. Gain a B.A. in (English and Writing oriented)
  6. Write a Book
  7. Get Published
  8. Sell a business
  9. Own a lakehouse
  10. Family trip to an island
  11. Take a Cruise
  12. Cross Country Vacation
  13. See the Leaves change in New England States
  14. Master the Roll Off Your Back Technique
  15. Gain 1000+ blog followers
  16. Learn Latin Dancing
  17. Patent an Invention
  18. Leave a Legacy
  19. Read Gone With The Wind
  20. Make a Fortune and Spend it on My Family

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