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Saturday, July 30, 2011

America: Who Paved Our Way

To our Leaders:

Who paved our way to the life we are blessed to have in the U.S. today?  Of course one would have to say our forefathers and all the historical accounts of sacrifice and toil, including honorable men who fought for our freedom from our servicemen/women, to other committed and dedicated leaders such as MLK and many many others who should also be noted.  Historically noted and in fact they are!

But this blog is focused on a group of American Citizens who are not historically noted and that we should all be so beholden too.  These wonderful men and women will not go down in history for their sacrifice and toil, and deserve mention, protection and care.  These men and women are our Seniors.

Our Seniors have fought in wars, come through depression, paved the way for women to rise to the top and men to become entrepreneurs, and countless freedoms and rights are attributed to our Seniors both gone and still living.  They toiled from scratch to build legacies for their families, all of which gained a foundation of faith, endurance and fiscally responsible actions that give many of us an inheritance that may never be repeated in the future.  Many came over to this wonderful country from all over the world and entered through wonderful Ellis Island representing entry into the land of the free, a hope for prosperity.  They forged the way, they gave up their lives in toil to see to it that we all can live with more than the clothes on our back.  They saved and saved and payed their taxes and Social security to make a better life for all of us.

Through all of this political gaming back and forth, I am so so determined to be a voice for these hard working and honorable people who were here before all of us and we wouldn't be who we are as a country without them.

Let us remember them going forward. Why is there so little respect and regard for this very very foundational base of the U.S. population.

Game playing or serious concerns how dare we threaten their health and financial stability.  None of which any of us would have without them.  Washington, (all parties)  ENOUGH.

How dare we threaten their Savings, their Social Security payments, their Medicare benefits as a result of  poor fiscal responsibilities carried out by leadership for this nation that is for the most part their youth.  Leadership that reaps the rewards and benefits of these Seniors sacrifice.  Shame on us!

This is not a statement for any one party, it is only to bring honor to our people that walked before each of us, and a caution to stop the insanity and realize that we owe everything we have and are today to these Seniors.

Stop using these marvelous and giving people as pawns in this web of insanity created by lack of planning and accountability.

It's just me, Val  Ciao!

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