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Saturday, April 30, 2011

THE SOCIAL NETWORK: A 'Click'ish Life and The Great Escape

It's force can suck you right in.  It's master virtual mind is like a magnet with a gravitational pull that is addictive and before you know it you are  living out your life in 'clicks'. 

Similar to fishing; creating a profile is like bait on a hook that just hangs there waiting to hook up with friends from the past and present.  In the meantime the lure of games, pages, groups, links of all kind grab hold and soon you find you are swimming with the fish in a bowl the whole world is peering into.  You now are feeling drawn  to create a daily status, post comments, RSVP to events, it's neverending.  One day you get a revelation; "hey I have a life outside of this, what am I doing?"  

Yes the virtual world of social networks can lure you into the addiction.  The very sad part is that for some, this is their world.  Imagine those that find comfort and security behind a screen with fingers popping buttons, click! and wait, click! and wait, click! and wait.  God forbid a friend should 'unfriend' you, it fills your mind with all sorts of horrors; "what did I say or do to cause that?" and so on.

We are naturally a social creature and we need stimulation, we need touch and feel too!  One on one, and group interaction in person.  The Social Network has grown due to our interaction attraction.  One smart kid figured us out in one night!  Wow, imagine that, alittle code, algorythyms, and an audience and you can make Billions off of our needs to attract and interact.  

Watch out for the symptoms of a 'Click'ish life...when you start clicking more than talking and listening you know you have the bug, it's a bug that will go through and through your inner most being and grab hold to your brain cells.  Before you know it you are sucked into the lie and black hole of virtual reality!  Your healthy sensory need for human touch and feel begins to die off and you settle for touching and feeling the 'keys' on your keyboard,, no human touch can match the 'click', and your voice is silenced by the 'clicks' output on a screen, a 'Click'ish Life is all yours without asking for it....The Social Network has you by it's hook and it isn't a good sport either, it doesn't let you off the hook easy, you have to opt for the Great Escape :)

It's Just me Val,  Ciao!

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