Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes...


  "Try doing it for one more day:" 
Bob (hubby) and Gabe (trainer) both think it is a good idea.  I, as many know have to decide for myself, truly don't take advice and run with it until I've thought it out, prayed and am passionate about my next move. 

YOU guessed it, taking one more spin on the juice fast. 

Or at least have some form of pull towards self deprivation,  one of the two.

de·pri·va·tion definition
The act or process of removing or the condition resulting from removal of something normally present and usually essential for mental or physical well-being
AND my head knows this definition!  It keeps screaming "I'm Starving, Feed Me!!!"
Of course it is because it is normal for our bodys to crave, desire, and need wholesome food.  The four food groups, right?  

So why am I doing this to myself?
That is a great question!  And, it won't surprise most of you to know that I do have an answer.
My goal is to eliminate carb and sugar cravings that are annoying invaders of my late nights, HOW RUDE!
My head continually reminds me of the invaders by screaming, whining, begging, it goes something like this:

 Val's Head talking...
  • Bread and sugar?
  • Where are my chips ahoy? ( They're in my hubby's lap floating in a bowl of lucious Hagendaas Ice Cream!)
  • Where are my Oreos?
  • What about those chips you used to give me nightly??? Or the Bagel with Peanut Butter???
And then my head lays the guilt on my asking, "Where's the love?"
Do you feel my pain and agony yet?  Arggghhhhh, so I resort to ridiculous tactics like texting a picture of my FB status with the words "I'm Starving",  in the comment bar to both Bob and Gabe, and then posting it on my wall.  Can you feel my pain yet? Then suddenly, a noise, a familiar noise, I turn around in my chair after I realize I hear one of  Bob's mannerly slurps.  He immediately hides a bowl behind the table, I jump up and look..."Aha!  It's the chips ahoy and ice cream!"  "Your Killin Me," I lament in exhaustion.

Can I do this?  Stick to it?  If I don't go to bed soon I can't, I'm too weak, my head and Bob are both playing with my hunger buds....ahhh finally it's 9:45 and it's now socially acceptable to say I'm going to bed :) ( "yeah! I can go to sleep now and get to the next day, most of all my head will shut down and stop screaming!")
Morning call and Trigger Analysis (yes Val is a big analyzer.  Anyone who knows me knows this)
I get up feeling pretty good and all the head noise has subsided. Got on the scale....Hallelujah I am down 10 pounds!!!  3 days 10 pounds, oh my, I think I have to give this another try.  So today is my 4th day and counting.

It's the evenings that really are challenging my stick with it mentality is shaken by the head noises
Triggers?  Can there be more triggers?
...hand to mouth, a laptop, and a tv with my husband and I am satisfied...and now I realize I actually have two triggers:
  1. Bread cravings leading to sugar cravings (wrong carb choices)
  2. Hand to mouth sensation  
Lollipop, lollipop oh lolli, lolli, lolli, Lollipop, badumbdumbdumb...

Will it all come down to pharmaceutical lollipops to get past this?  Do they even make a Lollipop like this?
I've never been one for drugs.. just isn't me.  I just want to end all the cravings for good and take that new highway, ride it forever my way and enjoy life...So tomorrow we'll see what a difference a day can make?


  1. I just logged on - bounced over from FB - I like the idea of eliminating cravings (not that you can tell from my blog) and have cut back a lot by cutting out gluten. I am considering a 5 day fast sometime before the holidays begin. So I look forward to reading how yours went/goes.

    And pharmaceutical'll take the Valient Valium flavor please :)

  2. My carb cravings (and food cravings) appear to be gone today! Gotta like that. Day four is going very well for me! Wearing jeans I haven't squeezed into in 2 years. Oh yes, Life id great and God is good! Keep up the good work. I am thinking I will continue the juicing through tomorrow night when I pick up the grandkids for an overnight, then I'll ease in with a salad while they eat McNuggets!

  3. Kel! This fast is truly cleansing and the reason I am continuing on another day is that it seems, or I've heard now (actually from Gabe) that the detox period just started yesterday. So to give it a chance to do it's thing, best to try another day. I really am pleased with the results and keeping it off will mean clean eating and workingout. I have wondered about the glutten factor, I would like to learn more about that. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

  4. Great plan Suzi...I will wait till tomorrow to decide for me...I just think it's the scale results that keep me going and tomorrow I restart my training so not sure I'll be able to juice but will ask if I can. He recommended I do a walk or light elliptical today. Going to do that soon.

    Jeans are a great success story!!! Congrats again to both of us. And thanks for being my partner on this!