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Friday, October 22, 2010

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?

To Juice or Not To Juice? That Is The Question...

Wow it has been quite a ride.  Today is day number 5, and I have to decide do I go the whole mile or not?  Truth is not a change in weight loss overnight from day 4.  So is it a 24 hour plateau, OR have I gained all the benefits I am going to from this Juice Fast.  10 pounds in 4 days is nothing to sneeze at!

Plan A - Juice till Dinner, take a walk
Plan B - Juice, Train, Shake, Dinner
Plan C - Eat Clean, Train, Eat Clean, Cheat Meal for Dinner

I have had my first cup of coffee in 5 days this morning.  It's ok, not what I thought I was missing.  Think I need my skinny latte or iced coffee with lowfat milk and two splenda from Starbucks to spoil myself :)

What to do???  Argggghhhhh

Interesting Cravings Summary to Report...

While I am aware of a starving hunger several times a day, especially at night, I am NOT craving any particular type of food any longer and I am able to quiet the head noises, tune them out.

Stay Tuned...

I seem to be closing in on lifestyle changes that will benefit me as I progress through this process.  While the jury is still out as to whether I juice today or not, I feel like I walk away with a 'new' trained thought...Am I really hungry?  Is now possibly a real question I can ask myself and honestly make the right choice.

Taking a Ride Into The Future?

I am considering the positive affects of...

  1. Juice fasting two days a week, Tuesdays and Thursday
  2. Clean eating 3 days a week 
  3. One cheat meal a week,    
  4. Training - Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
If I follow this plan successfully I'll give myself a...

A Bonus Cheat Day a month

What am I doing the rest of my life?  Balancing it all and riding the highway to Health, Enjoying Life along the way....Care to come along for the ride?
I welcome your opinions, advice and encouragement along the way!  Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend all!


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  1. Well just got back from my first training session since I started the juice fast and I am happy to report that the scale at the gym recorded and 11 pound loss. So 4 day Juice Fast netted an 11 pound loss, pretty pleased with that! My workout? Ummmm not too pleased with :( Cardio is weak and have to build back goes so fast! I still am encouraged and plan to work the program on this new lifestyle change! Ciao!