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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Squeezing the Juice out of Life - Keeping Your Eye on the Goal

Blogging?  Not so much.  Journaling is my thing.  I find it encouraging to journal but not appropriate to fill up my Facebook wall with long journals that all my friends might not be interested in.  In an effort to share my journey as I take a new ride down the highway of life, looking at things a little differently...

Whala - Welcome to my first attempt at blogging.  

Where do I begin?

I train 2-3 times a week.  Hard work too!  Not just a circuit of machines, infact no machines, this is Core Training with an MMA Champion, who does this as a career.  I started in March and did well up until our daughter Lyndsi's wedding, (btw, my trainer was actually hers and still is)  Then suddenly my passion for eating right, in this case called 'eating clean' diminished to morning and afternoon with a snack fest at night while enjoying our fav series which include: MadMan, Greys, Weeds, Dexter, the Office, and a host of Blockbuster movie rentals.  Yes just me on my chair, a laptop in hand opened to Facebook, and a tray with a snack and beverage at my side.  Yep, I was set for the night.  Almost 6 mos. later, no a terrible weight gain but the fat layers that I had successfully toned began reappearing.  Still doing my 2-3 days  a week training and this?

The Question I had to ask myself...
So last week I looked at myself and said, "Val, how this working for you?"  
After shedding a few private tears, realizing that this isn't working, certainly doesn't look good, and I am heading nowhere fast, I decided to make a change.  I chose enter into that change with a Juice Fast. My plan was to stay on this for 3 days, rest and not workout, and then return to clean eating and working out once again following my first fast.

It's been challenging...

Just drinking homemade juice from greens to fruits to roots, all day along with water and lemon as well as green tea. Thankfully we have a great juicer.

The1st day was truly tiring...I lost alot of energy and felt wiped.  The second day my body ached as if I had the flu from head to toe, aching all the way from my feet to my neck.  Today I feel abit of the aching still in my back muscles but it is really much less than yesterday was and I think the worse maybe over.  The detox period is what wipes you out and zaps your strength as well as makees your muscles ache I guess Lactose acid or whatever they call it plus all the toxins releasing cause that.  Oh and then there is the morning headache I get from no caffiene.  I was a 'pot a day' girl!  Sometimes I've had those moments that scream "feed me" but have fought them off. 

Preliminary Results are in... 

Today is my 3rd day and as of this morning I am proud to report:   
A 9 pound weight loss!  That's just in two days!!!

Where do I go from here?

Today was scheduled to be my final day, still weighing the value of adding one to two more days onto this.  Prior to falling off my 'eating clean' program, I had a nasty wall I hit and couldn't get past it but by tomorrow morning I think I will have more than passed it.  Once I decide, I have to move back to introduce clean eating to "ME"

Still on a very wobbly fence...pray pray pray...that is what will help me to stand firm in this journey.

Oh well there you have my first try at this blog...hope it is the first of many and if you are struggling with weight like me, make a choice and keep on keeping on!  Life is a Highway, I'm gonna do it my way!


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  1. Great Job Val. I'm with you all the way!