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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding- A Breath of Fresh Air on a Day fit for a King and Queen

Our lives are clouded up with internal and external garbage only to be invaded by the gynormous stress of the state of things around us, economy, jobs, gas prices, food prices,  weather changes and the like.  It all just becomes a bit much and can make me want to crawl in a hole and stay there, or as a friend said recently, hop in my car and just keep driving hoping to avoid it all.  

Just when life really hangs it's heaviness on you, POOF we have a Royal Wedding and if only for a moment in time, we float away on the "Fairytale" ride of a lifetime.  We are so engaged in the moment that all stress and worry outside of that seems to ease, if only for the moment.  A commoner and a Prince...truly a 'good' Cinderella story. The pomp and circumstance, the regal royal ambiance, the beautiful and breathtaking stunningness of the bride...her handsome Prince in full royal highest honor uniform...a site that certainly does take your breath away, and YES, just for a couple of hours...the stresses of reality are out of mind!

I appreciated that break.  Every little girl dreams and believes in the "Fairytale"

Can you imagine if we had "Royal Wedding" moments more often, embraced them by taking advantage of that "Calgon Take Me Away" break...can you imagine  the positive affect that would have on our life?  How healthy would that be?

We must find a way to enjoy "Royal Wedding" moments more often, it doesn't have to be a real wedding.

Healthy minds are those that look at the bright side of whatever life hands them, and remember you can always find someone who has it worse.  Find a way to rise above the worries of life and remember that happiness in life is healthiness and a CHOICE.  

I plan on looking for the Royal Wedding moments in life and letting the rest of life's stresses work themselves out whenever possible, they always do, with or without my involvement of worrying.

Congrats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and thank you for giving me a moment out of reality!
It's just me, Val  Ciao!

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