Life is a Highway, I Wanna Ride it all Night Long

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Before you read my blog for today:  
 I promised myself that I would keep this blog neutral in sharing life, ideas and
information. Today is an exception maybe someone out there really is hurting and feeling empty, maybe this is for you.

So here we go...


GPS was the best invention aside from the satellites that feed them, 
since I came onto Planet Earth!  

I am a sun lover and not just for my tan...
I depend on the sun in my directional dyslexic driving frenzies!  
And at nightfall?  Forget it! If I didn't have my GPS, 
I would be at a dead end, going the wrong way

I am directionally challenged in my car, without the sun.


I wish our brains came with a GPS, our hearts too, but they don't.  How many times in life could I have used that to stay on course and make it to my destination?  Life choices are challenging, actually more challenging for me than travel direction.  I don't jump into anything too fast but I do jump.  HUH?

My life has changed course so much in my short 56 years.  If I look back I am amazed at what the different courses I've taken include, and went through.  Honestly, I feel like a person in a fog sometimes thinking back and asking "WOW!, How did I come through it all?"  My life hasn't been as hard as many but it has been hard.  Let me share just a short (pretty revealing) summary of course changes for you:

  • 8 years old and my parents marriage ended badly, without any notice and my dad leaves not to be heard from again for quite awhile, only to return 2 more times and my hopes dashed as he disappears yet again, no notice.
  • 9 years old am caught in as the new stepdaughter of a man who doesn't like daughters and while treating my brother with love, treats me with hatred. He would later commit bigomy and the marriage was dissolved.
  • 10 years old I am trapped in my mom's dysfunctional life, left to fence for myself for many years  (by the way, I have no doubt of my mom's love for me through all this, in case you're wondering)   Life is not fun for me while I spend hours and hours keeping myself occupied playing ball by myself against the wall of our gangway.  Self esteem hit me hard and low as a child and I distanced myself from friends.  At one point I was left alone for 3 days without being told anything, worried about what happened to my mom, was she even alive?
  • 15 years old and I'm finally succeeding at finding myself, feeling good about life and through hard work at school making the grade, when suddenly, with 3 days notice my mom whisks me off to California from Chicago and I lose all my familiarity and confidence in myself once again. 
OK enough!
I'm sure you get the picture without my revealing any further details...I did have dark moments and loneliness in my life at a time when many children in the wonder years, my peers, were being nurtured and cared for in a way I can never say I had.  (many may have had it worse that I did)  Though I cried so many tears and felt so alone with no way out, I had a GPS and didn't even know it yet.  I would find out later in life.

Sharing from my heart...
Truth is that during it all, I had the Biggest Arms of all wrapped around me and while I didn't know at the time, these arms would be my life source of comfort and assurance of love.  In 1974 I came to know who's arms those were and I have been so thankful ever since.

Life didn't get better overnight, in fact hiccups came and went and still do, mountains to climb, but I know that I will get through it.  I am blessed to say I have a great marriage, loving husband, and kids.  And as you can see from my profile, my life has only gotten better along the way.  I am blessed!

My life GPS is my directional source and navigator.  For me (not trying to push this on anyone else by the way) that happens to be my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has been with me through the darkest of times assuring me that I would come through and if you're reading this blog, I want you to know He has NEVER let me down, NEVER.  

When life handed me some very hard curve balls and I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, He was there and brought me through it.  I have no doubt, I may not have liked the outcomes at the time, the trials, but it is true, what doesn't kill you does make you stronger.  I learned quickly in life that there is an enemy lurking here and it is a HUGE Spiritual Battle far beyond which I can comprehend or fix...

(most of you know by now I am a fixer, or at least have a strong desire with my people pleasing dysfunction to be a fixer so this was hard for me to -'GET HOLD OF' and accept) 

That enemy is here to kill, steal, and destroy!  Oh you don't have to agree or believe it, but I do and have experienced the difference of coming against this force with prayer and the word/truth and winning, well I didn't win it alone, I give the glory to the Lord.

OK I felt compelled today to share what I know to be true, proven over and over to me throughout my 56 youthful years.

If you are feeling down and depressed, worried, lonely, and feeling like a darkness is in your midst that you want to shake off, or you're at the end of your rope I hope today's blog gives you reason to hope again.  If it's meant for you, you will know. 

I just felt a need to share for someone who needs to know and believe that HE does care for you and is here for you.  It's yours to grab hold of, believe it and make HIS direction your GPS, like I do.  Let go of the wheel and let Him take you down His path which I can promise you will  bring you to a place of comfort, joy, peace and satisfaction and remind you how important you are in this life.  If you embrace it, you will find it I promise!  

A Promise that I love is found in Jeremiah 29:11...
(Your GPS comes with promises too :)

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

And here is something to ponder and consider...
' When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to  receive something better.'

'The will of  God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

If only one reader today is needed to hear this, I know I have shared what I was meant to.

You maybe going through the fire now but He will bring you out of it.  
Trust Him and see.

I love this song by Carrie Underwood...

It's Just Me, Val...Ciao!

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