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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Relationships And The 2012 Election

Do you agree with the thought, if there was anything that could set off fireworks it's Politics, Religion and now Gender Rights, although we don't hear much on Male rights we sure are seeing bombshells fly when it comes to other's rights. (ha! bombshells, in the 50's that was the sign of a beautiful women, now a days women are aghast by any title like that, funny.)

What has happened to the U.S.A.?  It's sad, really no other word describes it for me.

I've never seen our nation more split.  I watch as friends post their take on the election from the conservatives and liberals to the moderates and libertarians.  The views are so diverse yet so narrow.
If you're a conservative then likely your moral values and faith along with your personal needs guide many of your issues and judgement.  If you're a liberal the opposite is true, OR they too have strong moral values for their own lives but believe that there is no purpose or right in imposing the way they choose to believe on others and so they advocate choice and freedoms BUT they do have a limit...the choice and freedom has to fall into their box of what is right or else it's not correct.  Another words the freedom to choose is conditional in an odd way, Hmmm...

I don't have a corner on what is right or wrong and I'm the last one who should be judging.  I do know that others think I'm over the top, and even use the terms naive' and ignorant when they see what I'm concerned with.  I have thought for a very long time there seems to be a double standard when it comes to the far left and the media. They seem to be more comfortable with bashing or pointing out where they feel the other side is wrong rather than sticking  to discussing solutions.  They likely feel the opposite is true and maybe they're right, this is just an observation.  And then there are the ones that believe there is a conspiracy out here and we're all wrong.  Ok then.

I know this blog will give me grief but good or bad it is what I feel.

I wish everyone would respect each other's views, stop spinning the truth and be willing to admit a wrong, or even a lie when it comes to their party of choice.  Oh they will call you out, correct you, and to be fair, you may even correct yourself, but the same doesn't seem to be reciprocated. No, in fact it just seems to then further the bashing and pointing out where you're wrong.  Do we take this so far as to damage friendships over it.  I've been reading more and more about this, and have seen it happen among friends as well.

Why can't everyone see the best in everyone, know there are two sides to every story and that noone is better or has the corner on what is right or wrong for the other?

My business is suffering under the current administration and that is going to influence my vote.  Another voter has health problems with no insurance and that is going to influence their vote.  Another voter lives an alternative lifestyle and that is going to influence their vote and so on...

We all have choices we need to consider and noone is going to be the perfect choice, just as noone has a guide on who the perfect choice is for anyone but themselves.  Many independents are without  an idea of who they are picking and are hoping the debates clear that up and help them to come to the best choice for themselves.

The arguing, bickering, meanspiritedness is crazy wild.  It doesn't matter if you made a choice to stick to your own point of communicating be it Facebook and your timeline or Twitter or even Pinterest.  Everyone is out to put down the views they don't agree with, or correct what they believe needs correction with or without all the facts.  It gets exhausting.

My hope is that after November 6th things will settle down and everyone will return to some form of normalcy however that won't happen without a determination to accept others views, they do have a right to them. Debating is a route to take but don't take it so far that it puts a wedge in your friendship and THINK before you speak or post or tweet.  Words can hurt and scar, is it really all worth it just to be right?  We're probably wrong if we think it is.

Monday is the last debate, then we have 2 weeks and 1 day left till the election...I hope and pray that America can accept the results no matter who wins and restore relationships that have been damaged through much of a political baiting carefully and strategically executed by party committees messaging, along with media trying to swing a bias view and causing havoc and conflict in relationships that get sucked up into it all.  I hope you're as tired of being a pawn to all of this as I am.  I pray you don't find this a sport or fun.

Anyone that thinks they're immune to it all, unless you have remained silent throughout these campaigns and been smart enough to stay out of it all, are denying they are also getting sucked into the political vacumn which is causing this mess.  We've all hurt someone through this and that isn't right, yes, that, is a definite, it isn't right.  Relationships are too important to allow your political views or your distaste with another's views to create wedges between you and another.  Maybe it's time we step back from the political ring and evaluate what's more important, getting your point of view across, bashing, trying to prove another wrong, or the relationship.

I'm banking on the good character of everyone and all the political broohaha will fade away for the sake of relationship.

It's just me, Val, (just sayin)!  Ciao'

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