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Friday, August 31, 2012

The 2012 Gen'l Election and YOU

Voter-fessional - To make a CHOICE to take off one's Rose Colored Glasses and close the book on biasness and bashing. Replacing it with professionalism and belief in yourself first.

This past week showed how to manage the challenge of multitasking Big Stories.  TV and Cable news networks got to show their ability of balance and reporting on multiple high profile news items.  Not only did the week kick off the GOP Convention but it was projected to be  in danger of cancellation due to the threat of Issac, the latest tropical storm expected to go Cat 1 or 2 Hurricane. For the safety of all the people and the delegates, a decision was made to postpone the convention by one day.

Many GOP constituents were likely feeling a 'not fair' attitude creeping into their spirit but quickly doused with thoughts of Katrina and the devastation that resulted from that hurricane.   A hurricane hitting it's projected target is nothing to cry foul about, or tempt fate with.

I happen to be encouraged by the nominees for this election and was looking forward to weighing in on potential Presidential abilities, this convention being the first phase.  I also was one of those that felt a let down over the convention delay but quickly bounced back prior to the start in light of reflection on human lives and the importance of focused concern for those in ISSAC's path.  You see not only is Katrina historical but this week was the exact week it hit.  My nephew also lives smack in the target as it was clear this hurricane would make landfall in NOLA.  I had to focus on the art of multitasking news worthy reports while the convention determined to start began on the following day, which would be the eve of ISSAC making landfall.  I can't imagine how stretched the networks and cable were trying to cover it all.
That being said they did and so did I.

I was moved by the speeches of all different ethniticities, while encouraged that my fear of the GOP not standing for the different races and middle class to poor was a false fear given the amount of diverse leadership that represented the GOP as noted by every network.  More governors and Senators of both Hispanic and African American than the opposing party.  They have their own constituents who count on them and proof of constituency's confidence is the fact that they voted them all into office.  One at a time gave a speech that was more moving than the other.  I felt much better.  You see my own personal crisis is my business this election.  As a small business owner, SBO, I'm struggling with the rate of growth and empathizing with other SBO's that are saddled with new regulations imposed by this administration from various avenues, and Healthcare Reform.  But I was willing to bite the bullet and concede to another 4 years if the fear that was being pounded into everyone's virtual head was found to be factual.  It wasn't and I breathed a sigh of relief.  The GOP will represent races of all kind, the middle class and the poor equally or better than the current administration.

My favorite parts of the convention were Ann Romney, Paul Ryan and Mitt.  They showed the care and love for this country that we expect.  They exemplified through sharing and video the love they have for their families and others as well.  (I loved the families coming up and sharing that Mitt Romney would drop everything for their ill children and come to visit, help and embrace each one of them.  MOST OF ALL he did this with NO PHOTO OPPS!!!  No cameras just geniune love and real care for their lives.  So much so that one of the men dying, named David, asked Mitt to help him with his will AND do his Eulogy, which in fact Mitt did.

Ann showed genuine high spirited energy and love as she took the podium and delivered a great verbal picture of what being a true Romney is.  It's family, loyalty, no pretentiousness, and a love for others that is bigger arms than most would have.  All this and she is dealing with Cancer and M.S.  What a great great women.

Paul Ryan was so down to earth and sincere it made you want to sit down with him at a table and just listen to his very clear cut plan stemming from a budget, what a fresh idea!  A Budget!  He spoke of refreshing things like policy that would build our economy and grow jobs.  Cut tax and spending and limit government, so our children and their children might not be burdened with a huge deficit to pay off after we're long gone.  And validated his care for Seniors, the sick and education.  Clearly he is a family man with a gift for creating and sticking to budgets.  On the social issues he gave you confidence that he would walk the walk and talk the talk of the policies that Romney would put into place.  There's something about this guy that grabs at your heart.

Mitt hit the homerun in my book as he delivered an engaging speech that promised a growing economy, 12 Million Jobs, a more rational way to gain healthcare without breaking the bank or our pocketbooks and a commitment to SBOs that I needed to hear.  True his presentation of his 5 point plan lacked content, but I wasn't expecting that this go round.  I believe that is for the debates and also for me to go to his website and read his plan which I have.  His foreign affairs knowledge was quite impressive and fell in line with what I believe to be the correct path.

Newt, The Romney Sons, Rubio, Portman, Bain Capital Partner w Romney, and more speech presentations were good as well.  But those I mention above were the ones I had been waiting to hear.

Now you can attack all you want.  I don't say they are perfect by any stretch.  I do say they present a far better plan with confidence than the opposing side does, and I believe with Romney's history he will deliver come hell or high water.

For those that care to debate comment on, however I'm not writing this to debate but rather to say if social issues are your key priority, you are far better off then I.  I must share that I do believe sooner or later if we remain on this course our country will tank and all the social issues that are being made the corner stone success points of an Obama Presidency will come tumbling down due to lack of funding.

As for the war on women?  I don't get it, see it or agree with the idea, so I won't speak to that as it remains a distraction for me.  I will say that as a woman, security in the economy, jobs and family are my top priorities this election. Rather than free contraception, I would rather my energy and money go to a crisis the business of Sex Trafficking, involving women and children.  I pick that because I am not concerned with who pays for mine or your contraception.  You see I always paid for my own even when broke.  I grew up on Aid for Dependent Children and couldn't wait to get off the government run program.  I hated being considered someone that was ''down and out". So I went out and got 3 jobs plus went to school.  I saw my mom who had not much to work with make ends meet.  I had values built in me that said working to pay your own way is the American Way.  While I realized we needed that type of assistance as a kid, I was embarrassed by it  Having St. Vincent DePaul deliver our Thanksgiving dinner to a family of three and eating alone in a basement apartment when not with extended family.  Having my school clothes be my Christmas Gift because it was where are money needed to go was not fun as a kid while watching everyone around me get wonderful gifts, but through that experience I learned by watching others that what I wanted was to be successful just like them.  I realized that I was in control of my destiny and I began to step out and look for opportunities to grow a career.  And I did just that!  I also grew my own business.  I didn't have a degree as I didn't have the money for college and have made as much as $240,000.00 in one year as an employee and for the 2nd time in my life I've built up a business.  So I am all for helping out the less fortunate but not for helping them stay in a zone of believing a lie, that they will never be anything more than what they are today.  I believe big government that feeds the middle class and below will do just that.  I know from my past how to fight back get away from relying on government programs. It's called living the American dream which start with believing in myself and charting a course.  America offers that to anyone who wants to jump on the Free Enterprise Course of life, I recommend it.  Someone said to me once "Wow Val that's compassion" and at first I felt very sad and asked myself "maybe I am lacking compassion" but quickly I realized that is all part of the lie.  It is compassionate to encourage the less fortunate to believe in themselves and what they are worth and go out and chart their course also, refusing to stay on government programs.  You can do it if you happen to be reading this blog.  Comment below if you would like to know how to get out of down and out.
There is one!

Do you realize that we can be so busy fighting and defending that nothing ever changes. Michael Moore, recently said he thinks we need to get used to saying "President Romney"!  What?  I don't believe that he said that?  Well he did!  Why would he say that, he's a huge liberal?  Well due to what he sees is America's lack of belief, confidence and increased apathy.  He's right, it's becoming a disease of this nation.  He goes onto say that Obama didn't deliver as he said he would and that has caused apathy and concentration to the extreme on bashing and contradicting the other side for fear of losing.  Fear is huge.

We do need change and it starts within us.  Yes, of course believe in who you feel is the most Presidential for what you believe is priority for your own life, but most of all believe in YOU and what YOU can accomplish on your own.  Don't give into the false securities of bashing the other side because you're afraid you'll lose the benefits of government funding. This is one country where you CAN be something, anything you want to be.  So go and BELIEVE YOU DESERVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL too!

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