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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful Heart for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving means a turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and more made in love.
So many things to be thankful for and a few are of course our freedom and those that have fought to maintain that freedom.  Yes, thanks from our hearts goes to those wonderful service men and women.  Without them we would not have this wonderful land we live in, the United States of America.

Thanksgiving means time with family.  I've always dreamed of a family moment around the table saying one thing we're thankful for but in our family we miss much of that comfort level among many.  Thus there is a silent thank you across all hearts during grace.

Speaking of Grace?

Thanksgiving brings to mind what I personally am thankful for and I would have none of it without one very important mention.  My relationship with my Lord.

Such a bumpy childhood, But God
Such a challenge to make the grade in school, But God
Such a low self esteem in much of my adolescence, But God
Such an adjustment with transient homelife, But God
Such a void in furthering education for a career, But God
Such a miracle in the birth of my daughter Lyndsi Elizabeth, Yeah God!
Such a challenge in supplying our needs with my daughter as a single parent, But God
Such an answer to prayer in finding our first homechurch, Yeah God
Such a connection of friends in our first homechurch, Yeah God
Such an opportunity to do what I loved most, sing, Yeah God
Such an opportunity to reach young girls in our homechurch, Yeah God
Loss of job, But God,
Such a miracle I meet my husband Bob and now 3 children: Daughterinlaw and Soninlaw, Yeah God!
Loss of job, But God,
New job, Yeah God
Loss of job, BUT GOD!
Our own company, Integrity!  Whoduthunk?  Yeah GOD!

My life is full of God Moments,  how could I not be grateful? Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful for family, friends, health, and jobs...

It's Just Me Val, Ciao!

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