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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stress Triggers causing Emotional Eating: A Humorous Look at Men's Habits

Triggers: Key Robber of Successfully Breaking a Habit

Today I am dealing with simple and stupid daily stress triggers around the house and have to ask some questions

Is it me, or did God create men short a 'clean up' gene?
Woman LOVE a clean,  picked up house.
Why don't men get that?

Let's take the bathroom:    

Toilet: Maybe they are playing water guns but their aim is awful and then they never look back to clean it up!

Organizing hygiene products: Their hygiene is pretty good, but the products they use are all over the place.  Woman put a container for organizing and make it easily accessible, but they don't seem to realize that 
Take it out, Put it back!

For that matter no matter what organizer we give our men, they have to, just have to leave what they took out of it, on the counter.  Is it a game they play with us?  

Toothpaste tubes:  How do they get the paste out after it has dried and crusted around the hole leaving only a pinhole for excreting the paste onto the brush.  They do it though, amazing!

Toothbrush: Don't they feel the need to rinse the handle off, I mean sooner or later the crusted paste will fall off with use, Geesh!

Toilet paper:  Is it too much to ask them to replace the empty roll on the roller, and not just put the new roll on top of the empty used one?

Bathing/Shower:  A FACT:10 out of 10 wet towels will stay wet if not laid out flat for drying?  I know that is a stunning stat, but it's true hun!  Scrunching your towel up after bathing does nothing but keeps it damp and musty!!!


Socks: Can we not have one central place to drop dirty socks?
Oh and PLEASE unravel them so they wash clean?  Not My Job, Man! Thank YOU!

Clothes: We have a laundry basket, please!


Glasses/Dishes: Ok, I mean how many water glasses does a man need?  And if the sink is empty?  It's likely the cup or dish should go into the dishwasher.

Countertops:  When making a midnight snack, look behind you?  YES, crumbs fall, clean them up!  And they wonder how we know they ate?

Hanging up Coats:  Coat Closets are put near the door for a reason.  The kitchen chair is 30 feet away from the door in our home.  Do they work the 30 foot walk to hang their coats on the kitchen chair instead, in as part of their daily workout?  Don't they know we actually like the wood on the chairs to show, I know they don't realize that.

Opening Mail: Opened envelopes and garbage cans?  Need I say more?

Just one of the many triggers of stress woman deal with daily. 

It's Just Me Val, Ciao!


  1. OK I have to give my husband credit...he does try and does other things that help alot.. Why do these stupid things still bug me? LOL

  2. As with all things you have to pick your battles. Will it matter in a year? Will it matter one month from now? How about one week or tomorrow for that matter? Change begins with you. If nothing changes, nothing changes. You are however entitled to your feelings. Feel them and move on! Peace! ~ Kim