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Monday, March 5, 2012

Last Resort from the Left - Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

America the Free, the Proud and the Brave...
I have only one thing in common with Ms. Sandra Fluke, gender,  I am a woman too.
I am NOT a fan of Rush Limbaugh, or any of the extreme radio, talk show or journalists/media hosts
I am not democrat nor republican, but rather an independent
I hate politics and any spinning that resembles it
I love comedy but find Bill Maher obnoxiously rude
I watch CNN, FOX and MSNBC to hear all views
I hate bashing, which is always what makes me sick over things like the newest media craze:

Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke

The ruthlessness of crucifying the man while canonizing this woman as if she were a saint, (not that she is bad, but really?), could remind one of the Gladiators of old.  "Let's kick em till they're down, and applaud till the death with more attacks"

Where does all this double standard, hatred, and mean spiritedness stem from?
For me the answer is simple "the game of politics at it's best!".

Watching this play out, and getting involved in comparison sharing to temper bashing, is really an eye opener in realizing how much the left wants it's turn to strike and take advantage of the chance to 'kick' and even when the man tries to apologize and again apologize it's not enough and it's insincere, kick him again.

A list of some of those that have been kept from the wrath of the left and out of the Gladiator games:
Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the C word - no apology and no fallout
Anthony Weiner crossed the boundaries of integrity over his issues and lied to his constituency apology ONLY after he was caught on camera - no fallout
President Bill Clinton perjured himself over an affair with an intern and adulterous affair in his marriage and lied to the US and Supreme Court - no apology until caught on tape - no fallout
And the list goes on...
Rachel Maddow, Keith "what's his name" to name a couple more

The last resort from the left, is their lack of response and willingness to admit that a double standard exists in the media/broadcasting arena and within the party itself. I guess they have a 'Love Story' going, and when you're blinded by love, well you know: Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry?  Seems to apply as long as the offender is of the same party. Oh and in one case at least, it doesn't hurt that they also gave $1M to their party's super pac..  Name calling and screaming foul along with accusing others of all sorts of untruths is acceptable as well.  Don't try to debate it, it's a mission that they are on and noone is going to stop them.

Truth should never be acceptable, should always requires an apology and should be forgivable, without judgement.

Just because you're a comedian doesn't make it acceptable
Just because you're of the same party doesn't make it acceptable
And just because you don't require sponsors of ads to host your show doesn't make it acceptable.

To think, this is just the beginning of an election year.

People attacking others behavior; what about this, and yes I'm doing it right now?  
A sin is a sin is a sin! Noone is better or worse.  No matter which side you're on, the bashing and nonsense of thinking that calling out one side without remembering that you're own side is or has been just as guilty of similar issues, may be your right to do, but it doesn't make it, right to do.  The  mentality of my way or the highway is the same mentality that is keeping our elected officials lame duck. We can rise above this.

I realize we live in a free country where freedom of speech is our first amendment right, however...
This isn't some meaningless competitive sport, this is about people and their lives.  
It also isn't a judge and jury in a courtroom trying a murder case, nor is this a mob lynching.
This is America a great country with freedoms beyond any other, made up of great people.  

Shame on me and shame on you for the times we have got caught up in it all. 
Let's show the world now who America really is and how we can respect one another, forgive and move on.

It's Just Me Val, Ciao!

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