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Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 An Interesting Year for the U.S.

Election Year - 2012

I believe that America is a great place to live which was founded under the constitution by our forefathers One Nation Under God...with liberty and justice for all.  We are a great nation made up of millions of amazing people who have different beliefs and are free to walk the path they have chosen.

About me: I am a woman of faith.  That faith is as much a part of me and unchangeable as my DNA.  I don't impose my faith on others, but will share it.  I don't impose my core values on others, but will share them. If I believe something I'm going to stand up for it.  I am not perfect but will be when I get to heaven, so don't be confused with the timing and think that is now.  I analyze things to determine my own motives and thoughts along with just trying to understand the issue better for myself.  I don't do it to point a finger of blame.  I sometimes do think out loud and work through issues in the process.  I like to think that by the time I leave this earth I will have left a baby finger print in my own star and will be remembered for the good and not the bad.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate politics and political agendas, rhetoric, spin and MOST OF ALL party bias 'bashing'.  Don't try to label me by 'party' because I have no party bias.  I used to be a democrat, I used to be a republican but now I am just Val and could likely not be labeled accept for more of an independent.

Red Flags: Spin politics, hidden agendas, leaders with true motives behind agenda items and timing all just for personal gain, BUT most of all I am saddened that we as American's buy this and find it acceptable.

Going into any election year is a two edged sword for America.  On one side it brings change and that can be good, but on the other side it brings out the worst in all of us.  DON'T KID YOURSELF, the politicians count on that, just listen to them and then watch the poster statements and photos go up on social networks.  Today I'm making a promise to myself.  I am determined to remember that God has a plan. (I know some don't believe, but I do, again not imposing my beliefs on you, if you happen to be reading this, but sharing.)  He is going to carry it out no matter who stands for who and/or what.  He already knows who will be presiding as President over the U.S. in January 2013.  It's not necessarily because they will be the best person for the job, but because there is a much bigger picture in God's plan, and that is what choose to focue on and  find peace in as the fight begins, and the outcome of this year's election comes upon the U.S.

My Vote will go to who I believe is best suited for the job.  But what is the job this next term?  In my eyes, the job will NOT require focus on social issues, They've had plenty of focus over the years, costing the country a fortune already.  The job is going to be about jobs, economy, and fiscal responsibility, but it is also going to be giving my vote to the person who stands for our constitution and not basterdizing that.

Here's my dream for America this election year:  Wouldn't it be a refreshing to have a candidate that exhibits honesty, integrity and has the potential of being a great leader with no intentions of personal gain or agendas?  If we had a candidate on the ballot for 2012, who would commit to this promise: "I'm in this for you, not for me and to prove this I ask to serve only one term AND following that term I relinquish any claim to pension, benefits and other personal perks normally received after leaving office" "I cannot and will not be bought."  

I know you're thinking "Val, you're crazy if you think that would actually happen, no one is going to step up and offer that!" 

I can dream, right?  I mean, no one can take my dreams away, right...or can they?

It's just me, Val ~ Ciao!

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